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You are extra-ordinary.
It's time to start living like it.

If you are tired of the story you keep telling yourself and you are ready to achieve that vision you have for your life, book a free session with me and let's start working.

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You can achieve success and do more with your life in spite of your reality or what challenge you are currently facing.

Personal challenges comes in many forms, but their after-effects are usually quite similar. These after effects sometimes look like: 
  • Putting in a lot of hard work into improving your life but not really seeing any progress.
  • Constantly second guessing yourself and your abilities.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by how much you have going on or you how much you need to do.
  • You feel like you dissappoint yourself a lot and you can’t live up to your potential.
  • You don’t think you have what it takes to go after your dream or you are not motivated enough to make them happen.
  • You are going through or you already went through a challenge that makes you feel like you can’t accomplish your goals.
  • You know there is more you can do with your life but you can’t seem to move past where you are. You feel stuck or lost about your life’s plan or the direction your life is headed.
I can help you work through this so you can get back into momentum. We will work together to identify what blocks you are experiencing and strategies that get you back into building the extra-ordinary life you’ve always known you were made for. Book a free consultation with me and let’s have some breakthroughs together.

I'm Mujidah

Hey there, I specialize in coaching young adults (ages 23 – 35) to push through challenges and achieve more with their lives. I believe with the right mindset, conscious effort and practise, you have what it takes to rise above your current realities and achieve your goals.

I know how much effort it takes keep going when nothing seems to be working for you. It’s been a vicious cycle for the most part of my life, but it started to change 3 years ago. I became more self-aware and I started to notice the things I did that helped me push through. Over time, I compiled everything I’ve learnt into a system that works for me. I have applied it consistently since them and it’s made a significant impact in my life.

My life is not perfect and things still happen, but I have a system that helps me thrive…in spite of my realities. I can coach you and help you do the same for yourself. I want to work with you and be a part of your transformation. Support you so you can cross milestones you thought were impossible and take back control of your life. Book a free session with me NOW and discover how we can get you those results you’ve always wanted.


What people say?

I feel like a different person already more like "renewed". You just opened my eyes to very important knowledge that was probably in me but I never knew was there. You answered the questions that I didn't even know how to ask. I'm really glad I spoke to you today and I hope to apply this knowledge to being a better person. Thank you very much for this opportunity.
Zainab Ade
Before the session, I had issues with setting goals and being consistent about them. At the end of this session, I felt better about myself. I had more clarity about what I was supposed to do and how. I wasn't made to feel stupid saying my problems, it was like talking to a friend. It wasn't like a motivational speech per say, just little doable relatable things you could do to have your life work better. You feel awesome coming out of it.
Precious Oladipo
It was a good session. It felt really good to let everything out. She helped me put a lot of things into perspective particularly the need to prioritize everything I had to do. She validated my feelings and gave me practical steps to follow to ensure that I will achieve everything I've set out to, but with more emphasis on the important ones.
Oluwatobi Dipe


My goal is to help you make progress on the most important areas of your life. Here’s some of what I can help you achieve:
  • Build resilience and push through challenges to get the results you need
  • Exceed your personal limits and build more confidence in yourself
  • Increase your personal efficiency by mastering productivity
  • Take back control of your life and achieve goals you’ve set for yourself
If you are ready and willing to do the necessary work and apply what you learn to improving your life, book a free consultation with me NOW. We will examine your current situation and explore possible solutions you can start applying to get results ASAP.