Considering life’s demand and activities, we easily fall into a pattern of wake up, eat, work/study, sleep and repeat the process all over again. While a routine isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it becomes an issue when our lives become a shadow and each day simply fades into the other.
For some, it’s easy to live an exciting life with each day filled surprise and adventure, but even then, an exciting life isn’t necessarily a happy or productive one. A boring or an exciting life, how do you get the most out of it for you?
The beauty of it is, you decide what a good life means to you. It’s up to you to choose what elements make up your “ideal” lifestyle. The most important thing is to make sure that you stay true to the things that maters to you in life in determining what all of this means to you and you make an effort to live by it.
  1. Intention – What do you want the most from your life? Success? Love? Family? Physical or Mental Health? Money? Whatever your answer is, imagine you have achieved all of it, how do you feel? Note that feeling.
  2. Decision – Why wait till you achieve what you want from life to feel that way? Why can’t you feel that way everyday of your life? Doing this is very simple, repeat it to yourself at the start of a new day, as many times as possible. For example, if what I want most from life is to be successful, then at the end of today, I want to feel like I have accomplished something. Or I want to feel connected to my loved ones if what I want most from life is to be loved. Or I want to feel secured about my future if what I want from life is money. Whatever it is, identify the feeling closest to your goal and decide to feel that way TODAY.
  3. Action – Because wishes aren’t horses, mans got to put in the work – some wise fella said so. Feeling a certain way means something needs to happen. Now you know how you want to feel but what can you do to feel that way at the end of today? What 3 things can you do today that would make you feel that way. For example, if I want to feel secured in terms of money then my list would look like this; call that client today, update my website with my new sales items, clear my order list. Doing all of this brings me money directly or indirectly, so mission accomplished. SO what should your list look like?
Living with the formula above means that you seek out challenges and activities daily that brings you closer to your goal. You have identified a certain purpose for your day and you are going after it. All of this put together is growth in itself. You are living with intent and you are taking steps that brings you closer to the life you have always dreamed about. So boring or not, your life is purposeful and driven. Your routine isn’t just routine anymore, it’s a routine that gets you to your goal.
As simple as all of this sounds, you need discipline and practice to regularly live the life you have always dreamed of. Small steps with huge impact.
If your practice this and it works for you, kindly share your story with me so it can inspire others to do the same. As always, feel free to share if you found this article useful.

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